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Vertiv NetSure LMS1000
Monitoring Unit

Vertiv NetSure LMS1000

Vertiv Products
NetSure Monitoring Unit
Vertiv NetSure LMS1000 Monitoring Unit
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Vertiv’s NetSure LMS1000 Monitoring System is the field-proven industry standard, offering a complete remote monitoring solution with input/output (I/O) networking capability and a fully integrated Ethernet port.

Its low profile, extended temperature range and plug-in I/O cards make the LMS1000 well suited for smaller, outdoor applications. However the free-topology I/O networking capability allows the unit to monitor over 1,600 I/O points, making it ideal for larger sites.


Alarm Mediation
Built-in logic and timers allow you to use the LMS1000 as an alarm concentrator to filter out unwanted or nuisance alarms. You can also convert conventional relay alarms to SNMP traps, e-mail or TL1 autonomous messages.

Battery Management
Use digital temp sensors to detect battery thermal runaway, or use the high precision bipolar analog cards to detect high battery float current and/or voltage imbalance conditions.

Capacity Management
Set threshold alarms on plant capacity and critical branch distributions to prevent equipment outages as a result of poorly charged batteries or blown fuses. Notify by relay closure, modem report, pager, SNMP trap or TL1 autonomous message — all from the same device!

Use alarm history data, event data, and channel statistics to reconstruct events leading up to outages.

Energy Management
Control rectifiers to match the on-line capacity to the actual load.

Routine Engine Cycling
Automatically routine engines on specific days and times.

Power Metering
Compute and store power consumption (kWh) data for branch distributions and commercial AC.

Rectifier Sequencing
Limit and/or delay rectifier turn-on for applications with limited standby engine capacity.


  • Front access cabinets — provide easy access for future growth and service
  • Modular design — allows for system expansion with the addition of expansion cabinets and expansion assemblies
  • Flexible — environmentally hardened for use in uncontrolled and extended temperature environments; wide DC input range (20-60 VDC); 19-in. rack mounting
  • Remote access — enables monitoring from central location via dial-up, Ethernet or RS232
  • Alarm reporting — configurable to report to users via pagers, SNMP, TCP/IP, TL1/x.25, TL1/IP and e-mail
  • Web pages — system can host its own user-configurable web page for all system information
  • Open architecture — simple command line interface for integration into large scale NMS software
  • Complies with industry standards — NEBS level 3 certified and UL Listed


NetSure LMS1000 Specifications
Main Chassis
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.5" (2U) x 17" x 13.5"
Mounting 19" or 23" relay rack
Power +24 VDC or -48 VDC
Wiring Accessible from the front
CPU Flash downloadable, 8 user defined LEDs, watchdog circuit
I/O card cage Holds up to 10 user selectable cards
Local Display
VFD 4 line by 23-character display with 12 key keypad. Local access to channel values, alarm and event logs, statistics and battery discharge information.
Input/Output Cards
4-input analog Transformer isolated, high precision (15-bits), bipolar, general purpose input card for sensing current loop transducers (e.g. 4–20 mA) and voltages from shunts (mV) up to 60 VDC. Accuracy of each input is better than 0.1%.
8-input temperature Input card utilizes digital temperature sensor technology having ± 0.5 °C resolution. Sensors are available in a 1/4" or 5/16" single hole lug.
8-input shunt (8) common return 0 mv to 50 mv DC inputs
12-input battery cell (12) 0 V to 5 V analog inputs
4-output relay Form-C contacts for each output rated at 0.5 A at 110 VDC and 2.0 A at 30 VDC
4-input binary Double-ended, optically isolated inputs (60 VDC Max)
8-input binary Single-ended, optically isolated inputs accept either plus or minus battery (60 VDC maximum), individually selectable by a jumper.
RS232 Local craft port provides complete access for programming and querying using any standard terminal software. Command set is similar to DGU and Vortex Smart, therefore no special communications software is required.
Ethernet port Fully integrated 10 Base-T Ethernet connection. Unlike other Ethernet solutions that employ a 3rd party serial port converter, the LMS1000 Ethernet port is derived directly from the main processor. This approach ensures the fastest remote communications when compared to conventional serial port converter speeds like 9600 bps.
56K modem An optional modem plugs onto the CPU motherboard and provides remote access connection identical to local craft port.
TL1 TL1 capability over X.25 or IP. All 36 commands of the Telcordia TA-1360 are supported.
SNMP Query using a standard SNMP MIB-Browser or issue SNMP traps for alarm reporting.
E-mail Standard feature, configurable to report alarms and data via e-mail messages.
Multitasking All four ports may be accessed at the same time.
Software Highlights
Digital power ready When used in conjunction with a digital power system such as Lorain® or Vortex®, a simple communications link between the two provides the ultimate in low-cost monitoring. Hundreds of I/O points inside the digital power system are automatically mapped over to the LMS1000 providing a seamless monitoring solution. In addition, all advanced voltages) are made available, thus providing full remote control capability to the power plant.
Function channels Use these 64 virtual channels to perform calculations such as total plant current, power, battery current/voltage imbalance, etc.
Remote upgrades Future upgrades to the software can be done remotely over Ethernet or modem.


Front View

Rear View

Open View


Download the Vertiv NetSure LMS1000 Datasheet (.PDF)

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Vertiv Products
NetSure Monitoring Unit
Vertiv NetSure LMS1000 Monitoring Unit
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