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Vertiv EnergyMaster Site Controller
Data Processing Unit

Vertiv EnergyMaster Site Controller

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EnergyMaster Site Controller
Vertiv EnergyMaster Site Controller
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Best Suited For:
  • Telecom

A stand-alone intelligent site controller that remotely monitors equipment and environmental conditions on the telecom site, simplifying maintenance and site management.

The EnergyMaster DPU is a standalone data processing unit. It provides remote monitoring for control of energy equipment and environmental control of telecom site with its powerful functionality, facilitating easy maintenance and management of a site.

The DPU not only provides common analog/digital inputs and outputs, but also provides AC/ Diesel monitoring via SM AC, battery monitoring via SM BAT and a large number of generic I/O via SM IO. Moreover, the DPU can communicate with Emerson or 3rd party intelligent equipment via its serial port, which will improve its monitoring capabilities for intelligent equipment.

If maintenance and site visits, related to the telecom site, are based upon this information they can be optimized to save both time and money, especially if the site is located remotely. The information and alarms, from a specific site, can be monitored or checked by means of a simple web browser or special monitoring software. When using a web browser no additional software is needed and the login to monitor the site is password protected.

The DPU is a supervision and control unit designed for global use, achieving high telecom standards, and providing great flexibility and expandability.

EnergyMaster Site Controller Diagram



  • Easy-to-install in sites with similar configurations: easily configurable file upload/download
  • Powerful monitoring functions: Support 4 serial ports on board, able to connect SM modules and various third-party intelligent equipment by developing protocol adaption and configuration files
  • High quality failure information: Due to intelligent alarm setup through PLC use
  • Quick failure analysis: storage of the most recent 400 alarms
  • Convenient data analysis: Up to 600 real time data points and 10 groups of battery test log can be saved in local storage


EnergyMaster DPU Specifications
Power Supply 19 VDC to 60 VDC
Power Consumption 20 W
Operating Temperature Range -10ºC to +50ºC / 14ºF to 122ºF
Relative Humidity 5 to 95%
EMC EN55022: class A, FCC part 15: class A
Safety GB4943, UL60950, EN60950
Approvals CE and UL
Mechanical Data
Dimensions (H x W x D) 440 x 295 x 44 (mm) / 16.9 x 11.3 x 1.7 (inches), tolerance: ±1 mm
Standard Installation Methods Mounted on wall or in 19" cabinet
Weight < 5 kg / 11 Ibs
Communication Interfaces and Inputs/Outputs
External Communication RS232 modem, RS232 console, TCP/IP, SNMP, Web server
4 Configurable COM Ports COM1: RS422 / RS485 / RS232
COM2: RS422 / RS485
COM3: RS485 / RS232
COM4: RS232
Inputs (on-board) 1 Digital Input: Smoke sensor
1 Digital Input: Infrared sensor
1 Digital Input: Water detector
1 Digital Input: Burglar sensor
10 Analog Inputs: 32 mA / 60 VDC
C Protocol Input: C temperature/humidity sensor
Outputs (on-board) 4 Relay Outputs: 1 A / 30 VDC
+12 V Output: 11.8 VDC to 13.2 VDC, 0.2 A
+24 V Output: 21.6 VDC to 26.4 VDC, 0.4 A
USB Output (Reserved): 200 mA
Extended I/O
Up to 45 SM modules in any configuration of SM IO, SM BAT and SM AC
Examples of Alarms
DC power plant alarms, AC mains failure, rectifier failure, high temperature alarm, smoke alarm, water leakage alarm, and burglar alarm


Download the Vertiv EnergyMaster DPU Datasheet (.PDF)

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Vertiv Products
EnergyMaster Site Controller
Vertiv EnergyMaster Site Controller
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