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Vertiv Liebert APM UPS
15-90 kVA/kW - Scalable, Highly Efficient, Row-Based Power Protection

Vertiv Liebert APM UPS

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Liebert APM UPS
Vertiv Liebert APM 15kVA/kW
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Vertiv Liebert APM 30kVA/kW
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Vertiv Liebert APM 45kVA/kW
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Vertiv Liebert APM 90kVA/kW
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Best Suited For:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale

The row-based Liebert APM is a transformerless, on-line UPS that allows quick and easy capacity increases with modular power scalability - no additional floor space required. The UPS operates with high efficiency - up to 94% at loads of 50-100%.

The row-based Liebert APM is a transformer-free, on-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that allows quick and easy capacity increases with modular scalability--with no additional floor space required. Liebert APM operates with high efficiency--up to 94% at loads of 50-100%. The 208 Volt, three-phase Liebert APM is available in two models, expandable with modular power scalability: Liebert APM 45kVA/kW frame size is expandable from 15 to 45kVA/kW, with up to 45kVA/kW of capacity, or up to 30kVA/kW of capacity with a 15kVA/kW module for redundancy. This frame size includes internal batteries, and is compatible with the matching external battery cabinet and the optional Liebert APM bypass distribution cabinet (BDC). Liebert APM 90kVA/kW frame size is expandable from 15 to 90kVA/kW, with up to 90kVA/kW of capacity, or up to 75kVA/kW of capacity with a 15kVA/kW module for redundancy. This frame size requires the matching external battery cabinet, and is compatible with the optional Liebert APM BDC bypass distribution cabinet.

A Scalable UPS as Dynamic as Your Data Center

Prevent power interruptions and ensure the future flexibility and efficiency of your data center infrastructure, with the Liebert APM UPS. Leverage the innovative modular configuration, cost-efficient operation and flexibility to match increasing power demands all while ensuring critical reliability.

Availability and Flexibility is enhanced with standard and optional features

Obtain redundancy and scalability using innovative Liebert modular power core assemblies. Each includes distributed intelligence and scalable power in one common module.

This technology allows configuration of a completely redundant power and control system, sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment. When power requirements change, capacity is easily added – without increasing the system footprint.

The Liebert APM UPS scales from 15 to 45kW in a cabinet configuration that includes internal batteries, or from 15 to 90kW in 15kW increments in a configuration that reserves a cabinet for capacity that is paired with an external battery cabinet. This approach allows for right-sizing of the UPS, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced power expenditures.

Liebert APM UPS supports dynamic environments and IT growth


  • Capacity can be expanded in 15kW increments using modular power core assemblies
  • 45kW model includes internal batteries and can also obtain extended run time with external battery cabinets
  • 90kW model uses external battery cabinets only
  • Easy Installation – front service access, smaller footprint
  • 208V, 480V and 600V input configurations
  • Matching bypass and distribution cabinet – increase reliability and safety by switching the protected load to bypass power for maintenance and service
  • Top or bottom cable entry – enables installation on raised or non-raised floors

The row-based Liebert APM is ideally suited for:

  • Small to medium-size data centers
  • Server rooms
  • Production areas
  • Labs and testing facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Process control centers
  • Edge of the network locations

Resilient and Reliable for Mission Critical Applications

Higher Availability

  • Minimizes single points of failure
  • Redundant Internal power supply
  • Distributed controls – each power core assembly includes DSP controls
  • Standalone static bypass module – features independent controls in separate assembly to provide higher reliability
  • Parallel UPS Systems - configure for redundancy or increased capacity

Capacity and Agility, On Demand

With the innovative power modules, capacity deployments can occur rapidly.

Capacity and Agility, On Demand

Independent Static Bypass assembly with Liebert Intellislot ports

Efficient Design and Operation Through-out the Lifecycle

Liebert APM UPS offers excellent efficiency, up to 94% in double conversion and up to 98% in Active Eco-mode.
More importantly, with its optimized modular design, high efficiency levels can be obtained with the initial system, instead of purchasing larger capacity systems to anticipate future requirements.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership y High-efficiency rating (up to 94%), rom 50-100% load
  • ENERGY STAR qualified UPS
  • Expand as you need with the flexibility to add capacity as demand increases
  • One-year warranty – provides full system coverage
Efficient Design and Operation Through-out the Lifecycle

From left: Liebert APM BDC — Liebert APM
UPS — Liebert APM External Battery CabinetDynamic Configurations Enhance Deployment

UPS Cabinet

  • One assembly per cabinet may be used for redundancy (up to 30kW + 15kW redundant; up to 75kW + 15kW redundant)

Battery Cabinet

  • Add runtime for 45 kW system; required for 90 kW system
  • Optional Albér factory integrated battery monitoring for proactive battery management to ensure availability

Bypass Distribution Cabinet

  • External maintenance bypass for complete serviceability while load is running on bypass utility power
  • Integral distribution saves space and cost
  • Kirk-key interlock ensures proper operation
  • 65 kAIC rating meets high electrical withstand requirements Battery Cabinet

Shown: Optional Albér® integrated battery monitoringIntelligence — Where and How You Need It

The Liebert APM UPS provides robust, flexible ancillary features to ensure the system meets your demands.

Simple and Comprehensive Monitoring
The menu-driven control panel on Liebert APM UPS is easy to read and use. Multiple parameters are monitored; data is recorded, stored and easily viewable. Unit metering and status information is displayed in a logical format, and is selectable in multiple languages. The UPS also includes three Liebert IntelliSlot ports for web-based communications capability:

  • Liebert IS-UNITY-DP allows 2 simultaneous 3rd party communication protocols, LIFE Services and environmental sensor support
  • Liebert IntelliSlot card IS-WEBL allows communication with Liebert Nform and web page access
  • Liebert IntelliSlot IS-IPBML offers Web Configuration, Telnet and Modbus or BACnet IP for connectivity to a Building Management System
  • Liebert IntelliSlot IS-485L offers serial configuration and Modus 485 connection to a Building Management System or Liebert SiteScan

Enterprise-Quality Batteries Increase Reliability
Battery quality is key to the reliability of the UPS and to the availability of the protected equipment. Liebert APM UPS provides the same reliable battery technology that supports enterprise UPS systems.

  • Lower initial cost
  • Better service life
  • Battery warranty – 3 years full warranty, 7 years pro-rated
  • Backed by the largest service organization in the industry
  • Optional Albér battery monitoring ensures battery reliability allowing for proactive management

The Trellis Platform, Liebert SiteScan and Liebert NformInnovative technologies make the Liebert APM UPS an intelligent device for enhanced connectivity, visibility and control

Management and Control Solutions
The UPS includes multiple Liebert communication ports for important connectivity and visibility for rich infrastructure management:

  • The Trellis Platform: Provides robust Data Center Information Management (DCIM) capabilities using selectable modules and suites.
  • Liebert SiteScan: Offers centralized monitoring and control of all critical infrastructure systems, using a variety of network protocols.
  • Liebert Nform: Enables data center monitoring for any SNMP device that supports a network interface.
  • Third party BMS systems: integrates seamlessly

Albér Battery Monitoring Systems:
With a new, easy to use software interface, an Albér factory integrated or stand alone battery monitoring system provides advance warning of pending UPS battery failures, the most common cause of unplanned data center outages. Utilizing its patented DC resistance testing method, Albér provides real-time system and component level visibility by verifying the state of health of the entire battery system.

Albér Battery Monitoring Systems

FeaturesFeatures and Benefits:


  • Internal bypass allows modular power assemblies to be added or replaced without powering down the connected equipment.
  • Conveniently positioned, easy-to-reach lug holes simplify unit wiring and installation.
  • Higher Availability
    • True on-line, double conversion technology corrects for all types of power fluctuations.
    • Redundancy features minimize single points of failure.
    • Enterprise-quality batteries in an external battery cabinet provides backup time for 90kVA/kW unit, and additional runtime for 45kVA/kW unit.
    • Optional bypass distribution cabinet (BDC) provides wraparound maintenance bypass, so the attached load can keep running during UPS service.
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Buy only what you need for present usage, with the flexibility to add capacity as demand increases.
    • High operating efficiency (up to 94%), with a virtually flat efficiency curve from 50-100% load; efficiency is not load-dependent, which translates into significant energy cost savings.
    • Fewer batteries mean less maintenance and higher reliability.
    • Operates with unity power factor, where kW = kVA, providing more real power capacity without power losses.


  • Operates with high efficiency rating - up to 94%
  • Scalable UPS protection for growing data centers
  • Capacity expansion in 15kVA/kW increments using modular power assemblies
  • Modular power offers capacity growth without increasing footprint
  • Fits row-based applications
  • Large and user-friendly LCD display with operating information in twelve languages.
  • LIFE Services for remote monitoring and proactive services delivery
  • ENERGY STAR qualified


Liebert APM UPS Specifications
Power Rating – kW/kVA 15, 30, 45 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90
Frame Size 45kW 90kW
Input AC Specification
Phase 3
Power Factor 0.99 lagging minimum at full load
Frequency Range 40-70 Hz
Input Voltage 208, 220, 480, 600VAC, 60Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground
General Specifications
UPS Technology On-Line, Double Conversion
Battery Specification
Battery Test Type Online
Battery Technology Valve-regulated lead acid battery; supplied by Enersys
Output AC Specifications
Voltage 208/120, 220/127VAC, 60Hz 3-phase, 3- or 4-wire plus ground
Frequency − Hz 60 Hz
Communications Options Liebert IntelliSlot IS-485EXT, Liebert SiteScan, IS-WEBL, Liebert Nform
Physical Data UPS
Dimensions, W X D X H in (mm) 31.8 x 39.5 x 78.7 (800, 1000, 2000)
Note: 12 inches of rear clearance required for cooling
UPS Rating Unit Weight lb (kg)
15kW 919 (417) 705 (320)
30kW 994 (451) 780 (354)
45kW 1069 (485) 855 (388)
60kW NA 930 (422)
75kW NA 1005 (456)
90kW NA 1080 (490)
Physical Data Bypass Distribution Cabinet
Dimensions, W X D X H in (mm) 23.625 x 39.5 x 78.75 (600 x 1000 x 2000)
Weight lb (kg) 902 (410)
Physical Data Battery Cabinet
Dimensions, W X D X H in (mm) 23.625 x 39.5 x 78.75 (600 x 1000 x 2000)
Weight lb (kg) 1554 (705) with Hx150 batteries, 1693 (768) with HX205 batteries, 2101 (953) with HX300 batteries, and 2366 (1073) with HX330 batteries.
Operating Temperature Range UPS: 32° to 104°F (0-40°C); Battery: 68° to 86°F (20-30°C)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95%, non-condensing
Operating Altitude Up to 3,300 ft. (1,000m) without derating
Acoustical Noise, db, at 39 in. Less than 56 dBA typical, 3.3 ft. (1m) from the unit
Certification Listed to UL 1778 and UL 924 UPS standards, and CSA certified. Meets current requirements for safe high performance UPS operation. ENERGY STAR qualifed UPS – 208V models
Standard Warranty 1 Year


Liebert APM UPS

Liebert APM

Liebert APM

Liebert APM 90 kW Open

Liebert APM 90 kW Open

Liebert APM 45 kW with internal batteries

Liebert APM 45 kW with internal batteries

LIFE ServicesCritical Services and Support:

LIFE Services, offered by Vertiv, provides increased uptime and operational efficiency through continuous monitoring, expert analysis, and proactive response that ultimately helps you optimize the health of the Liebert APM UPS and have peace of mind.

Detailed parametric data is continuously captured with advanced technology embedded in the Liebert APM UPS. The data is transmitted safely and efficiently to an authorized remote service center staffed with system engineers. Should an operating anomaly or alarm condition arise, the engineer performs an immediate analysis and initiates an appropriate response to quickly, safely, and accurately restore to its proper operating condition.

  • 24x7 continuous remote monitoring
  • Expert analysis and diagnosis
  • Quick, safe and accurate response

LIFE Services offers following benefits:

  1. Uptime assurance delivered by 24x7 monitoring; early detection of trends and operating anomalies that may lead to critical failures if not addressed; and interpretation of alarm and status messages to understand potential impact.
  2. Rapid incident response delivered by the Liebert APM UPS alarm messages and relevant data automatically transmitted for analysis, trending and diagnosis; remote diagnosis of the equipment while customer engineer is being dispatched to the site; and shipment of parts necessary to perform the corrective maintenance.
  3. Increased insight and ease of management delivered by notification of operating conditions that may impact the health of the Liebert APM UPS; explanation of critical system health with trend and analysis reports delivered quarterly; and integration of services from remote detection of critical and anomaly conditions through on-site response to restore the critical system.

LIFE Services

Vertiv Liebert Services

Maximizing the performance and efficiency of your data center’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other power distribution systems requires systems be properly maintained by factory-trained technicians. Trust Vertiv Services to take your critical maintenance to the next level — proactive maintenance that can significantly extend the life of your power systems, decrease your capital investment, optimize system efficiency and effectiveness, and increase overall system availability.

Liebert Services


Download the Vertiv Liebert APM UPS Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Vertiv Products
Liebert APM UPS
Vertiv Liebert APM 15kVA/kW
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Vertiv Liebert APM 45kVA/kW
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Vertiv Liebert APM 90kVA/kW
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The Liebert EXS UPS delivers simplicity, reliability and efficiency in a compact three phase power solution. The integrated design and reduced footprint provides maximum power capacity. Robust availability is ensured from the integrated maintenance bypass and advanced monitoring capabilities. Flexibility is enhanced using output distribution and variable battery runtime options. Low TCO is maintained from the high operating efficiency levels and reduced installation costs