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Vertiv NetSure 8100DB
Distribution Bay

Vertiv NetSure 8100DB

Vertiv Products
NetSure 8100DB
Vertiv NetSure 8100DB Distribution Bay
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Best Suited For:
  • Government
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile
  • Telecom

The NetSure 8000 series high-density power systems offer the increased flexibility of a cabled plant in centralized or distributed architecture systems. 5800 watt rectifiers deliver up to 16,800 amps of power at -48 VDC. Individual power and distribution bays may be configured to meet any application requirement. These NetSure systems are designed to support wireless and wireline applications including, central offices, MTSOs, data centers and head-ends.

The high capacity, modular NetSure 8100DB delivers effective secondary load distribution with increased visibility and detailed understanding of all loads in your core facility.


The NetSure 8100DB distribution bay features high capacity, modularity, and simplified installation. These features provide effective secondary load distribution and protection for multiple -48 VDC feeds up to 640 amps (800 amps 20% derated) . Equipped with an advanced controller from Vertiv, optional Intelligent Load Management (ILM) enables you to visualize load location, power performance, and distribution inefficiencies in order to optimize the DC power system, control cooling, and avoid overload.

The NetSure 8100DB consists of a Zone 4 welded framework, with either six or eight panels and top or bottom feed/ distribution. Each panel holds up to 168 fuse or circuit breaker positions per bay. Each bay may be configured for 2, 4, 6 or 8 busses. A wide variety of options are available including, internal ground bars with a paralleling feature that permits multiple panels to be tied together, and transient voltage surge suppression. The universal return bars can be mounted to overhead framing or a cable rack.

The bay is now available in

7' H x 30" W x 16" D (2.13 m x 76.2 cm x 38.1 cm)

or a larger option:

7' H x 30" W x 24" D (2.13 m x 76.2 cm x 60.96 cm)


The NetSure 8100DB Series is designed for centralized power applications where secondary distribution is needed. These bays are ideal for colocation and core facilities including cable headends, MTSOs and MSOs. They are also well suited for applications requiring effective secondary load distribution and protection of power plants up to 640 amp capacity per load.

Additional Information

For additional specification, engineering and installation information request SAG582140600

Distribution Modules
The distribution modules are factory configurable with one or more of the available fuseholders or circuit breakers, and can be populated in varying combinations. See the “6 Panel” and “8 Panel” charts to the right for options.

Extended Metering
The meter panel provides monitoring of two current thresholds, two voltage thresholds and a fuse alarm on each panel. The voltage and current values are now visible via the local color display. Optional Intelligent Load Management (ILM) monitors all currents, identifying alarms on the individual circuit breakers within that unit. Eight programmable relays are provided that may be programmed to any or all of the alarm conditions. Alarms may be sent over Modbus or SNMP and thresholds are remotely set via web pages, and all bus designations are user configurable. Four GMT fuse positions are provided for remote ABS loads as well as individual GMT fuses on feeds to the meter and alarm panels, eliminating the need for inline fuses used in previous models. Options allow the bay to be ABS sourced internally or remotely.

Extended Metering

Features and Benefits:


  • Efficiently address power demand today and tomorrow with scalable power systems that can be safely adjusted during live operation
  • Reduce unnecessary travel to site with remote services that enable you to identify issues and take corrective actions
  • Safely and easily adapt to new load requirements with live distribution and circuit breaker changes


NEBS CertifiedFeatures

  • High capacity up to 4,800 amp (eight panel) or 3600 amp (six panel) continuous rating with an interrupting capacity of 10,000 amps
  • Each panel is configured for up to 800 amp feed, delivering a continuous rating of 640 amps
  • Enhanced meter panel with full color display
  • Optional individual current measurement enables you to configure and monitor each load down to the distribution/fuse/ breaker level
  • Communication via 10/100Mbit Ethernet (standard), as well as most common protocols including SNMPv2, SNMPv3, Modbus
  • Modular design with interchangeable fuse and circuit breaker distribution modules
  • TPS, TLS and TPL fuses protect circuits ranging from 3 amps to 300 amps
  • Circuit breaker protection with plug-in bullet breakers available in current ratings of 1 amp to 250 amps
  • NEBS level 3 compliance, meets or exceeds all relevant GR1089, GR63 and UL specifications
  • Security encryption options for TCP/IP, HTTPS, SSL/SSH
  • Three ground return options
    • Overhead bus bars
    • Internal panels
    • Internal full bay: 1200 A standard; 2400 A optional
  • Easy access to cables and terminations simplifies installation and maintenance


6 Panel Bay Distribution Population

Qty./Panel Qty./Bay Type Description
20 120 TPS/TLS 3 A to 70 A fuseholders*
10 60 TPL 70 A to 250 A fuseholders*
28 168 Bullet 1 A to 300 A circuit breakers
28 168 Bullet 3 A to 125 A bullet fuseholders
0 4 GMT 1.33 amp for ABS supply**

8 Panel Bay Distribution Population

Qty./Panel Qty./Bay Type Description
12 96 TPS/TLS 3 A to 70 A fuseholders*
6 48 TPL 70 A to 250 A fuseholders*
16 128 Bullet 1 A to 300 A circuit breakers
16 128 Bullet 3 A to 125 A bullet fuseholders
0 4 GMT 1.33 amp for ABS supply**


Option Description
Single or Parallel Busses May be configured for 2, 4, 6 or 8 busses rated at 640 A continuous
Adjustable Dressing Bars Sliding dressing bars for reduced output cable installation time
Cable Management Kit Grooming kit for load cable dressing
Transient Voltage Protection Bus voltage protection for sensitive electronic equipment
Bottom Feed Air Block Provides insert for raised floor applications to block air flow.
2400 Amp Internal Return Bars Provides additional feeds at the opposite end and increases capacity to 2400 A per side; comes with optional bonding strap
Factory Installed Hardware Hardware (flat. lock & nut) are factory installed on every stud
Hardware Kit Hardware provided in bulk, not installed in the factory

* Panels may be factory or field configured for either TPS or TPL fuses. Each TPL fuseholder will take the place of two TPS fuseholders.
** Fuses supplied from factory.


Right Angle View

Front View

Left Angle View

Inside View




Download the Vertiv NetSure 8100DB Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Vertiv Products
NetSure 8100DB
Vertiv NetSure 8100DB Distribution Bay
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